Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols

As a SAG/AFTRA Approved Voiceover Studio, the following practices and procedures are in place at AudioVision to ensure the health and safety of all staff and visitors:
1. Commonly touched surfaces – door handles, light switches, and studio equipment – are wiped daily with EPA approved disinfecting wipes and between each session. A UVc disinfecting light is used in recording booth as some surfaces and equipment should not be wiped down.

2. Hand sanitizer stations are at various locations throughout the studio.

3. Social distancing can be easily accomplished due to the physical layout of the studio spaces.

4. HVAC Systems are fitted with MERV13 spec air filters and supply maximum outside air (approximately 20%).

5. All staff are fully vaccinated and will wear PPE during entire session.

6. Talent access to recording booth does not require passing through an occupied area.

7. The studio is equipped with two restrooms – one for staff and one for guests. Guest restroom is wiped down between sessions.

8. Visitors accompanying talent may wait in unoccupied lobby area, or socially distant seating is available in the main control room.

9. SAG/AFTRA COVID protocols only allow for Talent, Parents/Guardians, and studio teachers on-site (beyond the studio engineer).

10. Restrooms feature lever style handles on door and faucets (back of hand or elbow to operate, if desired). Kitchen trash can is covered and has no-touch to open feature.

11. Bottled water and individually wrapped snacks are provided.

12. Scripts are printed for single use and recycled.

13. Talent is welcome to bring their own headphones, iPad or digital device, snacks or other items if they prefer.

Thank you for your cooperation, as we all work together to ensure a safe and productive studio environment.
-Bill Trousdale C.A.S – owner, AudioVision Production Services